Schwilgué's large adding machine

(to be on display at the Bonn Arithmeum from May to October 2015)

29 March 2015.

The picture above gives a glimpse of a large adding machine constructed by Jean-Baptiste Schwilgué (1776-1856), the author of the third astronomical clock (1838-1843) of the Strasbourg cathedral. This machine will be part of an upcoming exhibition at the Arithmeum in Bonn from May to October 2015. Here, I merely want to give some context about the rediscovery of this machine, circumstances which are not known to those who examined this machine since December 2014.

Denis Roegel

8 April 2015: According to the curator of the Strasbourg historical museum, the machine will be sent to the Arithmeum on April 16, and the Arithmeum will take care of its restoration.

10 April 2015: Although I still do not intend to release a full documentation of the machine (available above in encrypted form), I have decided to make available a concise but complete summary of the machine:

29 April 2015: The French Academy of Sciences has accepted, on April 16, my sealed package describing Schwilgué's machine, and it has been stored under the number 18103. This package may be opened by the Academy after 100 years, or by myself, or my heirs.

1 May 2015: The Arithmeum exhibition is now announced (English version).

27 May 2015: Some cosmetic improvements to the above text were made today.

3 December 2015: The first part of an article describing Schwilgué's machine in detail was just published:

The Arithmeum exhibition appears to have been extended until January 16, 2016.

27 February 2016: The second part of an article describing Schwilgué's machine in detail was just published:

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